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Very good material from the PCA in easy access links

Media, Publications and Directories

Multiply (MNA's quarterly newsletter)
The Movement: Global City Church Planting (Redeemer NY Newsletter)
Ministering Among the Changing Cultures of North America (PDF)
Pastoral Letter on Racism (PDF)

Church Plant Survivability and Health Study 2007

Center for Missional Research, North American Mission Board

Full Report (PDF)

Best Practices (PDF)

Best Practices PowerPoint slideshow

Report on Presbyterian Church in America (PDF)

Church Planter Orientation Manual

MNA Staff (web)

MNA Vision (web)

MNA Worship (PDF)

Ministering Among Changing Cultures (PDF)

Presbytery Cash Flow Agreement (PDF)

Financial Procedures (PDF)

Potential Funding Sources Worksheet (Excel)

Overall Project Budget Template (Excel)

Outside Support Templates (Excel)

Group Listing with IRS Info (Word)

EIN Authorization Form (PDF)

Incorporation of PCA Churches (PDF)

Fundraising Manual (PDF)

Apprenticeship (PDF)

Training (PDF)

Church Planter Fundraising Manual

Fundraising Manual (PDF)

Potential Funding Sources Worksheet (Excel)

Overall Project Budget Template (Excel)

Outside Support Templates (Excel)

Church Planter Wives
Church Planter Wives Study (PDF)
Church Planter Spouse Study Slide Show (Powerpoint)

Resources for Church Planting Leaders

Critical Factors In Church Planting

What Kind of Churches Are We Looking to Plant?

Preparing a Site Report

Becoming a Missionally Focused Church - Jim Bland

Becoming an Evangelistic Church

Twenty Ways to Plant Churches
Church Planter Leadership Funding

Timothy Fund
Worship Guidelines for MNA Sponsored Church Planters

Keys to Being an Effective MNA Chairman

Steps in Effective Recruiting

Guidelines for Dividing Presbyteries (26th General Assembly)

Giving - John Bash

Perspective - John Bash

Process - John Bash

Whatever Happened to the Gospel?

Assessment Resources

What Is Church Planter Assessment?

Is Church Planting for Me?

Who Are We Looking For?
MNA Assessment Center: Who, What and Why
Assessment Center Schedule Information

Streamlined Assessment Criteria and Protocol

Working with Core Groups
Working with Core Groups Manual

Working with Core Groups Appendix A

Working with Core Groups Appendix B

Working with Core Groups Appendix C

Working with Core Groups Appendix D (a)

Working with Core Groups Appendix D (b)

Working with Core Groups Appendix E





A Church Planter's Paradise

Ethnic Harvest
PastorNet.Com Church Planting Links
Vision Ministries Canada Links 



Denominational Organizations

Para church Organizations

Educational and Training Sites

  Further reading and articles

44 Lessons on Church Planting (Part 2)
A Believer's Church Theology
Cell Church Magazine
Church Planting and the Great Commission (Part 2) 
Church Planting Movements (book)
Church Planting Newsletter   
Church Planting Theology
ChurchSmart Newsletter
Easum Bandy & Associates Articles
Essential Elements of Church Planting and Growing in the 21st Century (EMQ)  
Ethnic Church Planting   
Evangelism: What Does it Take? 
Fellowship of Believers Home Churches
The Harvest is Ready
Houses that Change the World
I.D.E.A. Church Planting Forum
MCFD Church Planting/Restart Page
On Mission Magazine 
Resources for the Pastor and Church Planter
The Ten Commandments Of Nineteenth Century Church Planting 

Training Church Planters

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