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Grace Church on AMiA's Winter Conference 2010

Winter Conference Report from Grace Church, Circleville, OH

The Annual Winter Conference of the Anglican Mission in the Americas has just completed in Greensboro NC. Valarie and I , along with Sr. Warden Ralph Howes and his wife Jean were blessed to have participated in this event. While there we found Rev. Pat & Judy Self, from Michigan. Ever wonder why we have an “AMiA Mid-Winter Conference? Or what goes on during one? Or why would I ever want to attend one? Read on for answers. The conference is designed to get as many people as possible together who hold the same belief & faith, to teach, share and learn about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is important for Grace Church to have our priest and as many others as possible participate in this gathering. So that they can bring back the good news directly from the leaders of AMiA. We learn from others who, like us, are trying to get to the Kingdom of God. We come home better equipped to share the “Good News” of Christ’s death, resurrection, and saving grace for the world. While there, we can share our difficulties and successes in building our church family with those who are struggling to create or grow their church home. It is well to note that these two months, January and December, have some significance. In December Grace Church celebrated our 15th year as a church dedicated to God and to teach the true principals of the Christianity from the Bible. All glory is to Christ our Lord.

In January of this year, AMiA celebrated the 10th year of being

a messenger of Jesus Christ to all of the Americas. This 2010 conference was a celebration of this and all of the other blessings that God bestowed on this mission. AMiA Chairman, Chuck Murphy, had a terrific opening speech that spoke to the positive forward movement of AMiA and the work of the Lord. “Build Up the Highway” through Kingdom ministry was the theme of this conference.

Those in attendance were fortunate to see, hear and meet Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini, Archbishop of Rwanda. He, with other bishops who helped form AMiA, spoke to over 1,400 attendee’s and told of the horrible hardships they endured on the way to establish AMiA. It was saddening to hear of the Episcopal USA bishops actually snubbing the group representing AMiA. Our own people in these United States, including Presiding Bishop Frank T. Griswold, actually moved to the other side of the room, away from the Rwanda delegation. Remember that we are all of the Anglican faith.

We also were privileged to hear and meet retired Archbishop Moses Tay who was one of the leaders in AMiA as well as Archbishop Yong Ping Chung, Archbishop of S. East Asia. They both briefly spoke of the hardships in trying to persuade the Episcopal leaders to stand fast in the Word of God and to maintain unity. Mostly they wanted to give us the good news that AMiA is of the Lord, by the Lord and for the Lord; AMEN. Lots of great speakers, terrific music and a whole lot of praying going on.

Winter struck Greensboro late Friday evening and a lot of people left to avoid the storm and to be more assured of getting to their obligations on Sunday and Monday. Consequently that left a lot smaller group for Saturday but it was Sunday morning that was inspirational. Bishop Green and Bishop Loomis held a Sunday Service in one of the meeting rooms. Mrs. Loomis led us with music for the service. We had a large turnout for last minute service. Archbishop’s Kolini, Yong and Tay were in attendance with their wives. Bishop Loomis gave the homily that was humorous but very inspiring.

AMiA Chairman Bishop Chuck Murphy concluded the 2010 Winter Conference with these words: When we leave Winter Conference and go back to our mission fields, I pray that each of us will commit to stay on the journey and invite others to join as well. “Everybody “Everybody Has a Mission”- WHAT’S YOURS ? “

It is always difficult to summarize an event of this size and magnitude into a few words so we have tried to share by picture and antidote a few of our observations. We look forward to seeing you in person and answering any questions you may have.

A follow-up note from Grace Anglican attendee Jean Howers

It was an 8 hour drive in good weather with dry roads. It meant planning, packing, unpacking, and meeting new people; that doesn't always sound like fun. Then when you arrive, there are workshops and worship sessions to attend. I may not be describing your dream vacation, but it is an experience I would recommend to anyone.

The workshops were centered on building our faith, improving our service to our Lord, and in reaching those who need to know Christ. We have lots to share with our Grace church family.

We were privileged to watch the priests, bishops, and arch bishops process in to lead us in worship. More than a thousand voices thanking and praising God all in one accord. I wish we all could experience this chance to grow our faith.

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