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Just getting started, restarted?
Looking for a strong foundation on which to build a ministry? The AMiA's Network-based parish structure allows you to minister within a family of churches and their leaders which is highly relational and accountable. One that neither ignores nor abuses authority and where our bishops plant churches right along side us.
We are here to serve you.

Tossed Around?

Many of us who have made a home in the Anglican Mission came out of a past that was tempest-tossed. We have been redeemed from broken lives, pulled from the wreckage of broken churches and denominations, and set upright on a solid foundation from which we can minister the Gospel. 

We extend our hand to you.

Feeling Disconnected?
Concerned you may be the only person you know who really wants to live and spread the Gospel in a hurting world? Wondering if a missionary has a role in today's church? As a missionary outreach from Africa, leaders with a true heart for mission and evangelism through church-planting have an exciting home in the Anglican Mission.

We want to go forth with you.

Will we be There?
Yes, we're here and happy to share about the Anglican Mission in the Americas or about our Network home. If you want someone to hear what you have to say, listen to your dreams and visions, or answer your questions, please call us today at 330.990.9475 or write us at

We want to hear from you.

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