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Three Streams: The Scripture… the Sacred … the Spirit

In the course of Church history, three major  branches have developed which incorporate a particular emphasis of belief, teaching and worship. The Anglican Mission believes that each of these traditions represents an essential element of Christian faith, worship, life and ministry. We refer to these elements using a descriptive short-hand: the Scripture, the Sacred and the Spirit, envisioning them as three streams flowing from one river – Jesus Christ and His Gospel imperatives. We believe the three streams together provide a balanced blend of the Christian faith as taught in the one holy catholic and apostolic Church. The Scripture, the Sacred and the Spirit are exemplified in our discipleship, worship, congregational life and outreach.
Faith in Action
Reaching the unchurched with the saving power of Christ drives our ministry within the Anglican Mission. This ministry is built upon a foundation of expectant prayer supported by the Anglican Mission Prayer Initiative and buoyed by intercessors who pray without ceasing across the U.S. and in Canada. Prayer sets our priorities, guides our decisions and directs our action.

Leadership Development. We believe that every Christian is created and gifted for ministry as described in Scripture (Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians chapter 12 -13), and we take seriously the call in Ephesians to “ prepare God’ s people for works of service.” In order to fulfill that mandate, the Anglican Mission intentionally seeks to equip, empower and release the faithful to use their spiritual gifts to glorify God and build up the Body of Christ. The Anglican Mission’ s goal is to identify and develop ordained and lay leaders who are passionately committed to Christ and display an authentic faith, Godly character and a servant’ s heart. Our leadership development is centered on discipleship and is geared toward individual clergy and laity as well as congregations with a goal of enhancing and providing resources for those within the Anglican Mission.

Our leadership development for clergy includes Clergy Credentialing and Deployment (ordination, reception and placement for clergy within the Anglican Mission), and we seek to identify potential leaders, both clergy and laity, through our Office of Recruiting.

The John and Blanche Rodgers Endowment Scholarship Fund was established in 2004 to support theological education for prospective clergy in the Anglican Mission. The fund is a gift from generous supporters who have grown in grace through the ministry of the Rodgers. Scholarships are based first upon a genuine profession of Christian faith and a heartfelt commitment to the mission and doctrine of the Anglican Mission. The second criterion is a demonstrated vocation to ministry as a presbyter in the Anglican Mission and a disciplined life as a promising pastor and theologian as exemplified by the Rt. Rev. John Rodgers. In choosing between qualified candidates, financial need is also a consideration.

The Anglican Mission’ s annual Winter Conference offers participants a wide array of opportunities to develop, expand and strengthen ministry on the local and national levels to impact the world for Christ. Our leadership development is centered on discipleship and is geared toward individual clergy and laity as well as congregations with a goal of enhancing and providing resources for those within the Anglican Mission.

In response to our faith, the Anglican Mission seeks to serve people in all walks of life through evangelistic initiatives that focus primarily on church planting. Since 2000, the Anglican Mission has added on average one congregation every three weeks, and we are constantly expanding our tent to sponsor new Mission Initiatives such as the Youth Ministry Initiative, Asian Initiative,  Ministry Among Hispanics and Worship Initiative.     

The Anglican Mission encourages excellence in Children's Ministry through creative networking of children's ministers who share proven methods of evangelism and discipleship.  In addition, Anglican Mission congregations have developed a wide variety of Faith in Action outreach projects in their local communities and beyond, including domestic and foreign missions projects.

Following the Biblical model, the Anglican Mission places a high value on relationships and community. God calls us into an intimate, personal relationship with Him through Christ and formed the Church to be His body in the world. The Church, then, is centered on relationships within the community of faith, constantly expanding that community by leading others into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. The Christian community comes together to be spiritually nurtured and to grow in knowledge and love of God during worship. Through worship, we encounter and experience the Living God who is present in and through us as we sing, pray, learn and share in the bread and wine of Holy Eucharist and the water of Baptism. Worship allows us to connect in a tangible way with the Lord and each other, which prepares, empowers and equips us to go forth into our mission field – the world.

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